Origin date: December 30, 2009

Continuing on the Mexico City journey, I bring you the vat of lovely things:

vat of beautiful things

You might not think the lovely things come in vat-like containers, but I offer proof right here. Right next door to the site of the mouth-watering tortas is a little cafe that offers “Argentine style meats”. The restaurant was open and airy and right next the sidewalk was a huge vat of golden brothy goodness, boiling away happily, taunting me with its alluring aromas. We walked up to the side of the vat and marveled in silence. One of the cooks came up to offer an explanation to the amazing sight before us.

He told us that they roasted beef and beef ‘parts’ (Warning was given in the last post about the possible exoticness of the food!). The meat was slowly roasted and then placed in this flavored broth to finish cooking. Along with the traditional (boring) cuts of beef, there was also tongue, foot, tail and ears. *Shutter*. I can smell the loveliness now….

all the good stuff

We chose what meat we wanted and they pointed us toward a stock of sauces, garnishes, and dressings. They chopped up the meat on a big wooden disk of a cutting board and placed the meat on fresh made flour tortillas and voila! We were in taco heaven.

little disc from heaven
I chose pickled onions, salsa fresca and a deeply smoky pepper sauce that caused my eyes to roll back with the first bite. The tortilla was soft and warm, the meat was fall-apart tender, the onions had a bite that caught me at the back of my jaw and made my mouth water. It was a good meal. To say the least.

You can actually get tacos similar to this here in my neck of the woods. BUT you can’t be a wuss about it. The only place to get tacos even remotely like the slices of heaven you see above is to visit your local taco stand. I can hear the groans now. “But they aren’t sanitary.” “People get sick off those.” Let me clear this up for you: this is all crap. These are hard working folks that make a living producing delicious foods for their customers. They are not about to ruin their source of income by being unsanitary. AND they have to abide by the same health codes as regular restaurants that create mediocre excuses for Mexican food. So, let go of the blanky and set up to order. Believe me, you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

bite from the disc from heaven

Aww yeah… I remember that bite.