Origin date: November 28, 2009

I have been playing around with this venture for some time now. I have wanted to enter the colorful and mouth-watering world of food blogging for at least 6 months. I’ve been reading other blogs, admiring the photos and witty quips that seem to be in every entry. Do the other bloggers fret over their entries? Worry that their photos are sub par? Feel sheepish or pretentious about the anecdotes and stories that accompany their amazing recipes? Probably not, right?

Some of my favorite blogs offer some inspiring material. The Amateur Gourmet even offers a page on how to start a food blog. (Very informative and witty, just like him!) One of the suggestions he has made is that you need some sort of “hook”, something that will draw people back. Hmmmm. I had an original plan and then the thing began to change… like they do. My original plan was to just rush in, horns blazing like a bull in a china shop. “I’ll just cook stuff and post it. It can’t be that hard, can it?” Yeah, totally not true.

What’s funny about my initial attitude about blogging is that it is addressed in the link above about how to start a food blog. I needed to find some focus, rope down what I really wanted to write about, rather than just mentally vomit what little I knew about food. And yes, I understand that was a gross image. It seemed that all of the blogs I loved so much had common themes: simple, delicious recipes and GORGEOUS photos. Of course I thought: “Ooh! I want my blog to look like that!” Ugh, my bright-eyed optimism was quickly deflated when I realized several things. I did not have a reliable camera, if I did have a camera I had little skill and I knew just a few things about food (to be determined if it could fill a whole blog).

What I do know is that I love cooking, entertaining and discovering new things – and yes, that sounds a bit cliche but I really do! Not just the tasty things that picky westerners are into – stuff that is foreign in flavor, texture, consistency, what part of the animal its from. Another facet to my interests is the ability to do this on a budget. I was back in school when I started dreaming about this venture and I was STRAPPED for cash. I still wanted to eat well and I still wanted to continue learning, cooking and tasting. And there is only so much you can do on a student budget. There, right there, that was my hook.

Fortune shined on me and a friend gave me a camera to get started with. I poured over blogs and recipe cites, discount shopped, studied about food and nutrition and learned to use ingredients that provided a wide range of possibilities, high nutritional value and satisfied my sometimes exotic palate. I had tons of classmates and co-workers that wanted recipes, needed to eat better, needed to save money or was just curious about the weird stuff I was willing to put into my mouth. “Okay,” I thought, “I can do that. I can suggest a few recipes, share a few findings about nutrition I’ve found and I can certainly provided pictures of the oddities that I’v eaten. Sure I can do that.”

So, here on it’s maiden voyage is my first food blog and here’s to hoping that I finally get over my fears about blogging. I hope that I can share some insights, and my love of food in many of its fascinating forms, help a few people save a buck or two and learn from the vast knowledge of others. Also, I think I am secretly proud of all of the exotic stuff I’ve eaten and I’m ready to show it off.

‘Til next time….