Origin date: December 30, 2009

I figured that I should post something about the past holiday before another holiday presents itself.

Earlier on Christmas day, my dad gave my sister and I little figurines of teddy bears dressed in Chinese garb. He said ” So that you don’t forget where you come from.” My sister (who is actually pretty brilliant) stared down at the little bear with a puzzled look on her face. After a few seconds she said “OH! It’s wearing Chinese clothes!” To which I responded ” Well, we didn’t come from bears…” Had to share that, I’m sure I’m going to catch shit for this later…. Love ya sis!

Well, we didn't come from bears...

For Christmas dinner, we all gathered at my mother’s house for a feast that only my mother has the vision for. If you’ve read the previous post about my mother and Thanksgiving you’ll understand that my mother re-fashions holidays and holiday meals into exotic culinary creations that top the old stand-bys. This Christmas dinner was pretty much on par with previous holiday feasts, it was phenomenally delicious.

So, here are a few more details about my mom: she laughs heartily at her own jokes, she loves hideous plastic table clothes with busy floral patters and she can cook you under the table…


She made her famous Asian style turkey that is cooked with asian vegetables such as bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, and lotus roots, dates, asian spices and potatoes. We also had a huge platter of noodles stir fried with bok choy, red and green bell peppers. She also made a salad with wheat meat, and a soy ginger vinaigrette.

the spread
We all dug in and ate like fiends. My mother also served mung bean stuffed lotus roots and for dessert she served a sweet soup of coconut milk and sweet potatoes. It was decadent.

Here is my plate before…

And my plate after….

This may be a little belated but I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Merry Christmas! I hope your Christmas dinner was as good as mine, if not, next year just come over to my mom’s house. She’d love to gloat about her amazing food and share an a story or two with you (which she would laugh at and you’d laugh too but for different reasons).