I just had to post this article about Thomas Keller’s restaurant, French Laundry. I have mentioned before my admiration for Thomas Keller and his amazing work. You’ve probably observed his work if you’ve seen the Disney animated movie Ratatouille. You know the ratatouille that was served to the food critic at the end of the film? The little bundle of food heaven that transported the food critic back to his mother’s kitchen and left him reveling in flavor? Yeah, that was Keller’s work. He advised on the movie and helped them get a real feel for how a kitchen works and provided the visual example for the headlining dish.

His food looks and sounds amazing and he is an advocate of sustainable, local and organic food. His recipes can range from simple and delicious to complex, deconstructed and delicious. What’s great about this article is that it takes you inside the workings of his tightly run kitchen. The standards at this establishment is a commentary on the level that his food is on. We’re talking stratosphere here.

Definitely take a look, it’s impressive to say the least. Here is that article again: Inside French Laundry