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I recently read over some of my lasts posts and noticed a theme. The template seems to go like this: I lament over the fact that it’s been so long since I last posted and entry, I spew a few excuses and promise to be more diligent and write more regularly. I admit it, I am horrible at finishing things (except a plate of good food). I have actually been taking photos here and there of things that I’m cooking but that’s where the process ends. It seems it’s time to have a discussion with myself. I’ve seen this same theme reoccurring  in other parts of my life as well and frankly, I’m getting tired of it. You’ve probably heard of the disorder I speak of. It’s one of those strange subconscious behaviors that PhD s write theses about. Eventually it gets turned into a self-help book endorsed by the Oprah book club and everyone can now use it as an excuse for why they are horrible at finishing things.

Last week I got sick with a demon of a virus and was coughing is uncontrollable fits for days. I was not soothed when I went to a doctor and she immediately ordered chest x-rays to check for pneumonia. I am feeling better now but, while I was sick and unable to do much, I missed being able to do more. Rather ironic that I do so little when I am healthy only to long to do more when I an unable.

I suppose this is another one of my template posts but here is the difference, I will make no promise to do more. I am not going to satisfy that part of the template only to break my promise later. This will be an opportunity to create a regiment rather than a broken record.

I am feeling better everyday, although my doctor and friends tell me I may have this cough for several more weeks. I have amazing new cooking tools and toys that have been given to me over Christmas and I acquired at amazing bargains. I have new cookbooks and recipes along with increasing daylight with which to take more photos. But here’s the thing, I also have a job, I am studying for the GRE, I have volunteer opportunities and friends that I’ve missed. So with all of this, I will make no promises. I will make a plan, a goal and try for a consistent behaviors and create a more productive template. Here’s to the plan.


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