Half Moon Bay

I admit, I’m the worst blogger ever. Food blogging is something I aspire to, I just don’t have the follow through. But lately I’ve been cooking up a storm and have been eating some ridiculously amazing food. I’ve taken photos and I’ve researched recipes so, I’m setting myself up for success, right? Yes! I have a post to make! I want to share some recipes! I want you to cook them! Here we go!

First, let me explain some of the new developments that have allowed me more time to cook and put amazing food in my face. Earlier this year my husband and I relocated to sunny California. My hubby moved out here several months before I did and it’s been a challenging time getting out here and finally getting settled! I’m finding my groove out here and I’m doing this mainly through the food because, duh. There are sooooo many more kinds of ethnic foods to try, lots of ethnic markets – including separate Asian markets! Back in Salt Lake there were Asian markets that leaned Chinese or Japanese but here there are huge markets that offer almost all Korean items, Japanese items and Chinese items. I went to a Korean market that had 4! huge cold tables with a dizzying array of kimchi and pickled vegetables! WAT?! The Latino markets have been fun to explore too. The pastries get me everytime. EVERYTIME!


Just one of four tables of kimchi and pickled vegetables and seafood at Hankook Supermarket

I think Farmer’s markets are required for every 5 mile block and not just on the weekends. The amount of local produce available in just a commercial grocery store is impressive and then there’s the food trucks. Good God. At our apartment community they have Food Truck Sundays. It’s the best way to build a community, I tell ya. They block off a section of the street, have 4-5 food trucks pull in, provided a DJ, picnic blankets and buckets to sit on and it’s just too much fun.

One big trend in food trucks out here are all the Asian fusion dishes. Some people really hate fusion, they’d prefer to be purists about their food. I totally get it but you will quickly eat your words once you try a Korean-style short rib burrito. Oh man. Or Vietnamese grilled pork tacos or a curried chicken rice bowl. The food these mighty, tiny, mobile kitchens are turning out is outstanding.


Food Truck Sunday!!!


Beef Koja (bulgogi beef on a bun made of pressed, cooked rice) with Kamikaze fries (waffle fries smothered in Korean BBQ, kimchi, onions, and Japanese mayo

I’ve cooked some pretty amazing stuff out here as well. I mean, who could resist? With all the awesome produce and products all around and the inspiration from all the restaurants and food trucks, it’s easy to start experimenting. While we’ve been out here, I’ve tried more new recipes that I can remember. Maybe it’s the excitement of living on a coast that’s got me feeling more adventurous. Maybe it’s the fact I have more time on my hands because I’m not working yet. That’s probably the more likely culprit but either way, I’m putting it here!

I’m hoping this will be the kick I need to really get into the habit of blogging. I’m also trying out flickr for the first time. I need a better way to organize and store my food photos separate from the photos on our home computer. Any suggestions on online photo management would be greatly appreciated. Okay, folks! Stay tuned. I have cooking posts on the way!